How to Replace a Faulty Door Seal on a Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a great invention, saving time and effort on what is one of the planet’s least favourite jobs. However, while dishwashers can help to create a happy home, they do have a tendency to breakdown from time to time. And when they do, they can cause water leaks. And everyone knows how problematic water can be, rotting floors and carpets, causing mould and damp problems and even flooding the house.

In many circumstances the cause of the leak will be a faulty door seal.

Now, replacing a door seal sounds fairly straightforward and in most cases it is.

However, the location of the water leak will determine the complexity of the operation.

If your dishwasher is leaking water from the front this is an easy repair job maytag dishwasher repair los angeles. First up, check your dishwasher model and order a new door seal from a spare parts supplier.

Once it arrives, simply open the door, pull at the door seal from the bottom corner and pull the seal away.

To fit the new one, ensure that the door seal is facing the correct way and make sure you leave an inch spare in the bottom corner. When you’re ready, feed the seal into the slot that runs around the dishwasher. Easy.

However, if the lower door seal is causing water to leak out then your job will be much more difficult.

This is what you do to replace it:

1) Removing the door is the first task. To do this, get to the hinges by removing the dishwasher’s top and sides. Then close the door.

2) Locate the tension pulley on the hinges and unhook them.

3) Remove the front panel. To do this, firstly take out the kick plate by opening the door to 45 degrees and lifting it out. Then unscrew the six screws on the inside of the door in order to take out the front panel.

4) To take the door off its hinges use a flat head screwdriver to prise open the metal clip. As you do this, pull the door away from the rest of the machine. The door should come away at this stage.

5) Having done all of that you will finally have full access to the bottom of the door seal. Now remove the hinge protectors.

6) The door seal itself will be positioned between the hinge and the inside of the door. Remove any screws that are holding the hinge in place and then lift the old seal out.

7) Insert the new seal. When you do this, make sure it is the correct way round as they are not reversible. Then reattach the hinges

8) To feed the lower door seal into place, rest the inner door in its usual position but don’t attach it and carefully lay the seal into the gap.

9) That just leaves some important tidying up which includes reconnecting the hinge pulley system – as this will take the weight of the door when it is opened – and replacing all the panels.

If all that has worked properly your dishwasher should once again be watertight and you can go about your daily washing up in comfort.

Good luck.

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